Royal Families Married to Commoner

List of Royal Families Married to Commoner

From the past years, it is known that a person from a royal family must also marry someone from a royal family. This is to secure their pride and historical path in the family. However, these years many prince and princess have decided to marry commoners. Despite worrying about their pride and degree, these people prefer to marry commoners they know. The royal families married to commoner are now as happy as they can be choosing who they love. So, who are the top people that are with commoner people?

Well, it turns out that Cinderella doesn’t always meet have to meet her prince in a ball but can be at school or bars. This is what has happened to many of the royal families married to commoner. These commoners came from many backgrounds and are from many countries. Despite their difference, these people have made a new Cinderella story with their partners. Here are some of top royal families married to commoner that are famous with their true fairytale:

1. Prince Harry– Meghan

Who doesn’t know this number one Cinderella who made it to the Royal Kingdom? Before entering the royal kingdom, Meghan was a normal actress in America. Like any other girl she loves to travel and shop with her friend. In the middle of the carrier, she made a relationship with Prince William and made it until the marriage level. Entering the new world, she left all her carrier and started a new life in England. This is one of the most popular royal families married to commoner in the past years. 

2. Prince William – Kate

A person who came from the same family is Prince William marrying Kate Middleton. These two friends in college are the start of a new generation. Despite being a normal person, Kate Middleton has proven that is able to be in the royal family. A bit different from Meghan, Kate is from England, so her nationality is England. Therefore, when Prince William becomes kings she will be the Queen. 

3. Prince Carl Phillip – Sofia

The prince of Sweden is now together with ex-model and reality TV Contestant Sofia Hellqvist. The couple first met at a show gathering where they fell for each other. Despite being Prince of Sweden, Prince Carl Philip fell very deep for Princess Sofia. They have proven that even though they are from different families they can have a sweet family. 

4. Prince Albert II – Charlene Wittstock

A swimmer can also marry a person from the royal family. And this is what is happening to Charlene Wittstock and Prince Albert II. The prince of Monaco was attending a swimming meeting in Monaco in the year 2000. At that time, he met with the ex-Olympic swimmer and since then they had a relationship. After a long relationship, they are together in July 2011. 

5. Prince Felipe VI- Letizia Ortiz

After some meetings and interview, both Prince Felipe VI and Letizia Ortiz fell for each other. Even though this is her second marriage, they are both loved by their people. Now the couple has two cute daughters that are the next princess in the future. 

So, the princess story can be real to anyone that believes in dreams. Many royal families married to commoner are now becoming something normal to the public. This is because the royal families are now in many public activities making them meet normal people. So, as long you believe anything is possible and this is true.