Ridiculous Things Celebrities Spend Money On

Ridiculous Things Celebrities Spend Money On

Ridiculous Things Celebrities Spend Money On You Will Never Understand

Sometimes we don’t understand what rich people do. They spend money on whatever they like even though it seems non-sense. Yes, there are lots of stars out there who do crazy things with their money. Thus, if you are curious about them, then we have listed the ridiculous things celebrities spend money on below. However, their life story is always interesting to follow.

Ridiculous Things Celebrities Spend Money On

You might think that they spend money on buying cars, cottage, or even islands. Well, that is just so normal for every rich people. The ridiculous things celebrities spend money on here are out of your mind. You don’t even know that thing exists or in other words, you don’t get the reason why they spend on it. See what the celebrities have done with their money for an irrational cost below:

1. Ghost Detector – Lady Gaga

What do you do if you feel scared of a ghost? You probably only sit at the corner and pray to God. But, that doesn’t happen on Lady Gaga. She spent $50,000 for the ghost detector, also she hired the ghost hunters of ultratumba. This story was published by Daily Star. Lady Gaga explained that she was chased by a ghost, named Ryan, so she did this thing.

2. Dog House – Paris Hilton

There is no one can beat Paris Hilton’s love for her dogs. She spent $325,000 to make a mansion for them. The house was full of facilities, such as air conditioning, heating, even furniture made by famous designers. Importantly, anything that makes the dogs comfortable was set there. Do you wish to be one of her dogs too?

3. A Mattress – Daniel Radcliffe

Do you want to sleep like an angel? Then, buy a mattress in $17,000 like Daniel Radcliffe. He invested his money in his mattress to get a quality of sleep. It was a custom-made only for him, so the mattress was so costly. E! Online reported this and noted as one of the ridiculous things celebrities spend money on.

4. Golden Toilets – Kim Kardashian

Who doesn’t know the rich and famous family “The Kardashian”? As one of the members, Kim spent her money to have the golden toilets. It was valued at more than $750,000. Kim with her husband, Kanye, always do whatever they like. Just like the golden toilets, they have four of them inside their mansion. Within’ the Louis XIV gold, you cannot imagine how bright the toilet is.

5. A Humidifier – Celine Dion

Relaxation is an important thing to have. One of the ways is by having a humidifier inside the room. But, can you imagine if its cost is 2 million dollars? Celine Dion was the one who spent money on it. She bought a humidifier due to the dry air in Las Vegas while she was on her tour. Maybe she needed it for her respiratory. However, should it be that expensive to buy?

Above all, only rich people who understand why they don’t mind spending money on things. Probably it is really necessary, or, for their self-satisfaction only. However, there are also lots of rich stars who live humble with their money. Thus, you won’t find them in the “ridiculous things celebrities spend money on” list like the above.