longest animated series in the world

longest animated series in the world

Longest Animated Series In The World That Aired On TV

Watching tv is one of the ways to entertain ourselves when we are at home. There are many entertainments that we can watch from news, sports to animated series. Well, for some people watching animated series is sure one of the most favorite ones. Because the show is simple and funny most of the time. Many of them have become a favorite for many people until they became the longest animated series in the world.

These animated series have been airing for quite long accompanying people grow from they were small until teenagers. Some become very popular not only in their country but also in the world. Even though most of these shows do not air anymore, they are very entertaining. And they have entertained viewers for quite a long time. So, here is the list of the longest animated series in the world that have been and still popular:

1. The Simpsons

There is no certain flow of the story from one episode to another. Because every episode they show and discuss different things. However, some of their words are a bit wild, so the series is rated PG. The show aired for 30 seasons or around 647 episodes and is still airing until today. The funny part about this series is that all the characters never get old.

2. Bugs Bunny

If you lived at the end of the ’90s and beginning of 2000, you will sure know Bugs Bunny. This animated show entertained many kids in the time and made some laughs. Bugs bunny was a bunny that had many ideas and didn’t give up easily. However, many times his idea was not the best and caused problems. But this is Bugs Bunny, so he will keep on trying. This animated series went on for 40 seasons producing 1040-episode total, so it is quite long. This is one of the longest animated series in the world that was a favorite.

3. Sazae-San

Japan is famous for its animated series that airs almost every weekend at certain times. One of their longest animated series that enters Guinness World Records is Sazae-San. This series shows and shares the life of Sazae-San and her family in their daily life. The show shows stories of her friends and her activities at school. Overall, the show is simple but entertaining for a Sunday morning. The anime aired since 1969 and has produced 2,250 episodes.

4. Doraemon

Another famous series from Japan that has aired for quite a long time is Doraemon. Doraemon is a robot cat that provides many kinds of things such as time machine, magnifying devices and many more. The cat lives with Nobita who is human, but a careless person. Therefore, Doraemon is always there to help and give lessons to him. This animated series has also been airing for a very long time and now has more than thousands of episodes.

5. Chibi Maruko Chan

If you are looking for a sweet animated series, you can watch Chibi Maruko Chan. This is also a Japanese series about a girl whose name is the same as the title of the series. The series shows how she spends her daily life with her family and friends at school. Until today the show is still airing and is already in their 1200 episodes. So, the number of episodes may increase because it is still going on.

So, these are some of the best and longest animated series in the world you may want to watch. They are all entertaining, but some series needs a parental guide. So, if you have kids make sure you accompany them while watching these shows.