famous singer auditions for american idol

famous singer auditions for american idol

Famous Singer Auditions For American Idol And Were Rejected

Everyone has their ways and stories on how to become a success and on what they have achieved. Many people can see top artists and singers now with great wealth and live such a perfect life. However, what people do not know is the struggle and fight they have been through to achieve where they are now. Even some of the sop singers now audition for a singing competition and never made it until the end. One of the singing competition that did this to many top singers is American Idol. Many famous singer auditions for American Idol and they got rejected badly from the beginning. 

famous singer auditions for american idol

This shows that being successful isn’t always easy and will need a process. Even though these singers didn’t make it until the judges on American Idol they didn’t stop there. They made a change, made songs that can make them big even after failing. So, who are the famous singer auditions for American Idol that didn’t even see Simon and his friends?

1. Hillary Scott

The frontwoman of Lady Antebellum tried to audition for American Idol not once but twice and never made it. She never got the chance to meet the judges because she was rejected by the preliminary rounds. However, she did not know what she did wrong, so she kept on trying to and improving. She then succeeds in making it be the frontwoman of Lady Antebellum and five Grammy awards. The awards were not only for her band but also for the songs that she has made. 

2. Colbie Caillat

This top singer also tried the audition twice and failed twice without seeing the judges at all. On her second audition, she even tried bringing her song Bubbly which has been a big hit. Even though she didn’t make it to the next step, she was still happy with her history. Because after her failure in American Idol, the singer became big on her own and Bubbly was singing by many people for the audition. 

3. Tori Kelly

Not like the two singers above, Tori Kelly made the audition of American Idol until the top 24 rounds. However, she didn’t make it further and had to fight on her own after getting rejected by the judges. After her journey in American Idol, the singer became active on YouTube and became famous. She is now a very talented singer who works together with Ed Sheeran and Sam Smith. 

4. Alex and Sierra

This couple tried the audition for American Idol separately, but both never made it to the end. Alex made it a bit far until Hollywood, whereas his girlfriend only until the producers. They then tried their luck in The X Factor where they became a duo and won the competition. Since then they became a singer and is now on tour for their newest album. 

5. Amber Riley

One of the famous singer auditions for American Idol is Amber Riley when she was 17 years old. At that time she was very young but also talented when she joined the audition. Therefore, even after the show she auditions for The Fox and made it till the end. 

So, these singers have shown that even after failing they made it on top again. These famous singer auditions for American Idol and some even didn’t meet the judges. So, not winning the competition made them famous and successful as they are today.