Famous Kids Movies

The List of Famous Kids Movies in The World

Children’s behavior always invites a lot of attention from the audience. Besides being cute, adorable, not boring and can be very entertaining. For example children’s films, animated films. But all types of films intended for children must have a moral message in them. The following is a famous kids movies.

1 Home Alone

Home Alone (1990) tells the story of Kevin, a child who feels he doesn’t need his siblings who make his house always noisy. He had hoped his family to disappear for a few days and this wish came true because he was left behind when his family went to Paris.

When he wanted to enjoy the silence in the house alone, a new problem arose because two robbers tried to enter his house. Because Kevin is a smart kid, he set various traps that can make them both fail to rob.

This inspiring film is a must-watch. Because it makes you love your family more.

2 Zathura : A Space Adventure

Zathura: A Space Adventure (2005) is a western movie of children who follows space travel by two children. The Namely Walter and Danny who are relate by relatives but don’t get along with each other.

When their brother and father were still asleep, they decided to play an old board game called Zathura in his house. Each instruction card turned out to have a big impact on their lives.

Starting from their sister who was frozen in a sleeping position. They work together to complete this game so they can return to earth and live a normal life again.

3 Up

Up which has been released since 2009 is also the best Disney cartoon. By inviting the baby to watch this film, Mother can teach him that if you have the determination and try really, then all dreams that seem impossible can be realized.

Told a grandfather named Carl Fredickson lived alone because his wife named Ellie had died. Fredickson and his wife use to be little friends and idolize an explorer named Charles Muntz. Their dream is to visit Paradise Falls, the place where his idol is.

One day Russel a scout boy visit Fredickson’s trouble home wanting to move to a nursing home. Who would have thought if the incident took him on an adventure together to Paradise Falls, the place where Fredickson’s dream with his wife.

4 Frozen

Tells about Elsa and Anna, daughters of the kingdom of Arandelle. Little Elsa turned out to have magical power can change anything she touched turned into ice. After harming Anna, the younger sister, because of her superhuman strength, Elsa did not want to meet anyone other than her parents.

Real-life only began when their parents died at sea and Elsa had to take over the kingdom. Because she was the oldest daughter. Until one day there was a misunderstanding between Elsa and Anna. That made Elsa choose to leave the kingdom and isolate herself.

Anna intends to find Elsa to send her back and on her way to meet Kristoff, that’s where the adventure begins. The moral value that can be taken from this film is to teach children to continue to support and love our siblings.

Whatever the problem, at least he must be open. And do not hesitate to ask for help when in need of help.

Those are some famous kids movies that can be recommendations to watch. In the activity of watching the film also needs the assistance of parents. Because in every film there is a moral message that must be explained directly by parents.