best medical series of all time

best medical series of all time

The 5 Best Medical Series Of All Time, You Need To Watch Them

We all know that there are many genres of TV series. One of the most famous genres of TV series is the medical series. Not all people like it. However, it stills the ace as an interesting series. Except for entertaining, the medical series can give knowledge to us. Even we are not a doctor it is interesting to watch this genre. Let’s check the best medical series of all time.

1. Dr. Kildare/ Ben Casey (Tie)

The first medical movie is dr. Kildare or Ben Casey movie. we can say that this movie is crazily popular. It shows the hero among people, doctor. As other medical series, Dr. Kildare shows many interesting medical actions in each chapter. Besides, the actors of the series are talented.

The dr. Kildare talks about the anti-Kildare doctor. He provides a magic touch for each surgeon. Furthermore, it also talks about life or the doctors in the hospital. In addition, these series get many awards from TV. Thus, it becomes more popular.

2. Nurse Jackie

The second best medical series of all time is Nurse Jackie. This series talks about the life of a nurse. It contains personal problems, work problems, and also medical problems. Edie Falco as Jackie Payton is over worker nurse in a hospital. However, she gets some problems along the days.

Nurse Jackie has dramatic, comedic, and medical genre. Even it shows the nurse’s life, it also contains many moral values. It gets awards in 2010 as 79 nominations for various awards.

3. Nip/ Tuck

The third medical series is almost different from the previous one. The Nip / Tuck series talk about the sharp surgeon’s scalpel. Except for the medical genre, the nip/ tuck series has a thriller genre. It is a kind of insidious adventures and plastic surgeon. However, many people are interested in this series.

It wins golden global awards, 50 nominations, and 10 wins of the year. Also, the story of this series is anti-mainstream. Thus, it is able to make people curious and invite them to watch it.

4. General Hospital

In 1963, there is a popular medical series names General Hospital series.  These medical series include a complete genre of TV series. Besides, It contains murder, marriages, life problems, mistresses, and general hospital. Besides, each character has their own uniqueness.

Furthermore, the General Hospital movie provides many talented actors and actresses. This series also won the best show and 494 nominations. Besides, the actress and the actors win the best actress and actors awards. It is amazing.

5. Grey’s Anatomy

The last best medical series is grey’s anatomy. This movie shows in 2005. It talks about a wonderful and perfect doctor. She has everything like a sexy body, smart, strong, and rich. However, her popularity doesn’t occur forever. She meets some problems with popularity, breaking, and others.

The best medical series has shown in the previous paragraph. Is there a series that makes you interested in? Even the time is running, those movies stills exist and remembered by people. thus, they call the best medical series of all time.