Miss Universe Who Entered Showbiz and Became Successful

Being a contestant of the Miss Universe competition means that you are not only pretty but also multitalented. One of the most talent that these contestants have is acting and singing. Therefore, no wonder some Miss Universe contestants enter Showbiz after their task is done. Some of the contestants of Miss Universe is still active in both the pageant world and showbiz. So, who are some contestants of Miss Universe who entered Showbiz world?

After being the contestant of Miss Universe, the contestant will still be written in the group of Miss Universe. Therefore, even after their task is done contestant must still be good and stay to the rules. However, they can exit the group with the risk of releasing their title. As in the Showbiz, it is quite hard to keep both the title. However, some of these people successfully made it through both worlds. So, these are some Miss Universe Who Entered Showbiz entered Showbiz:

1. Gal Gadot

Who doesn’t know this famous actress for its role in Wonder woman? Before being an actress, she was Miss Israel in 2004 and later entered Miss Universe. Even though she didn’t win the title, she made her country and family proud of her achievements. In the middle of the contest, she realized that her passion was acting. Therefore, after the end of the pageant contest, she made a change by acting. 

2. Lara Dutta

One of the top Miss Universe who entered Showbiz and famous in India is Lara Dutta. This multitalented woman is now an actress from India and in UNFPA. Not only did she win Miss Universe 2000, but she made many achievements in her social life. So, she is not only active in her social life but also acting. This can be seen by some of her shows in India. She is sure one of the most inspiring women in India. 

3. Sushmita Sen

Another Indian woman that made her debut as a Miss Universe contestant is Sushmita Sen. She is now one of the most considered actresses in Bollywood until today. However, before she was famous like today, she was a contestant in Miss Universe in 1994. Even though she is now not as active as before, she still shares her healthy lifestyle with others. 

4. Jacqueline Fernandez

For those who don’t know, she is an actress and a former model from Sri Lanka who is now in Bollywood. But before starting acting in Bollywood she was a Miss Universe contestant from Sri Lanka. Next, she started acting and her first debut was in Aladdin. 

5. Elvira Devinamira

The next miss universe contestant that is now in Showbiz is Elvira Devinamira. Before she was famous like today, she was a model and entered many pageant contests. She became one of the top 15 contestants in Miss Universe and now a great model and actress. She is still more active in modeling, but she has played some few plays in the Indonesia film. 

So, by seeing these Miss Universe who entered Showbiz, you can see that they are multitalented. Even though most of them are not with their titles anymore, they are still active in social life. They are successful both in showbiz and pageant activities.