Here Are the Top 5 Best Movie Review Sites, Choose Your Favorite!

When we want to watch a movie we want to get more information about it, right? It will help us to choose what movie we want to watch. After knowing the review of that movie also help us to have a curiosity about that. So, it will be more interesting in the cinema. As you know there are lots of the best movie review sites that you can try. From these sites, you will possible to find lots of information about the movie review. You will also know the movie rating from other people.

There are lots of people who have annoying experience when want to get movie review. Lots of them hard to find a real review of the movie on the website. As you know there are many websites who provide movie reviews. But not all of them don’t meet you want. So, here are the top 5 movie review sites that can be used.

1. Rotten Tomatoes

Have you ever heard about this site? There are lots of movie lovers use this site to get a review when want to watch a movie. From this website, you will find lots of professional movie critics in the regional and national scope. They give their best review of the movie here. You can also find the classification of “rotten” and “fresh” movie. So, it is very interesting, right?


The other amazing movie review site is IMDB. You also will find lots of movie critics here. It will make you possible to get lots of information regarding a movie. This site also provides the movie rating. Not only a movie expert, but you also can rate your watched movie. After watching the movie, you can give a rate on a 1-10 scale. So, have you tried these best movie review sites before?

3. Flixster

Not only get a movie review, but you also will get theater showtimes. This is one of the amazing movie review sites that you can try. You will find lots of information from this site. If you want a DVD release too, you will possibly find it here. This information was collected by the users. Therefore, you also can give your movie review on this site. As you know that this site also can be accessed by a mobile application.


It is a little bit similar to the rotten tomatoes site. You can also find movie categorize from here. But, this site just categorizes in a “good” and “bad” movie. If you want to get graphics from the movie rating, you can find here. This site provides the graphic of the movie rate. It will make you possible to know easier about this movie rate.

5. Yahoo! Movie

This is the one feature of Yahoo that really useful. Yahoo! Movie will also provide you a DVD release, and theater showtime. You also will possible to find lots of movie reviews from the users and movie critics. Have you tried this movie review site?

There are lots of the movie review site, but only some of them which are the best site. After reading these best movie review sites, will make you possible to find lots of great information regarding the movie. In conclusion, you also have to watch the movie trailer before watch the full movie. It will make you feel curious right?