Here Are Some Best Movies Based from Video Games You Can Enjoy

This day, the film industries have reached the highest position than ever before. The development of technology makes all things get better especially in illustrations and effects. Similarly, when we watched the newest film, all the effects felt real. Usually, some books or real life will be an inspiration for the director to make some movies. But, there are also available some best movies based from video games.

Best Movies Based from Video Games

Movies based on video games usually get a bad comment from the critics. They said it has no clear storyline or sometimes gets too noisy. I agree with that statement because I also think the movies sometimes get nonsensical. But you don’t need to be a worry again to watch them. In this article, we will write down some of the best movies based from video games.

1. The Angry Birds Movie 2

There are many people have played Angry Birds on android or PC and make it a popular game. Because of its popularity, Columbia Picture then adapts it into movies with different storylines from the game. You will never feel boring because it was such a great film with some humor scene. This movie will be perfect for family to gather because both parents or children can enjoy it.

2. Pokemon: Detective Pikachu

Pokemon is one of the famous anime and game series in this world. That’s why Warner Bross tries to adapt it to a movie and it reaches big success. However, this movie has a storyline where Pikachu tries to solving the mistery on Tim’s father’s died. Above all, this film has great animation and every Pokemons look so real. An adorable Pikachu will bother you until the end of this film.

3. Rampage

This movie is getting inspired by the old arcade game in 1986, Rampage. However, the main character in this movie is the most popular artist, “The Rock” Dwayne Johnson. He tries to save the entire city from the giant mutant animals who try to destroy everything. Even this film has a lot of critic because of many impossible things, but it is still worth to watch. Our legend, “The Rock” has an amazing charisma and it makes this movie is great.

4. Mortal Kombat

This movie was released in 1995, quite old if we count until this day. This is one of the best action movies with a lot of fight scenes. At first, this game was released only for fanservice, but unexpected reach great enthusiasm. I will prohibit you from not to watch with underage kids because there available many violent scenes.

5. The Angry Birds Movie

This is the first film that adapts from the famous game, Angry Bird. Released in 2016 as the first movie, The Angry Birds Movie success gets a lot of viewers. You will see the cute birds fight the pigs and protect their eggs. However, the movie will get far from the game so don’t expect anything. It will make you happy with a lot of funny scenes.

This is the end of the article and these are some best movies based from video games. You can enjoy all of those movies because it’s so great for me. I wish you have the same taste as me so we can share another movie again. Those movies will help you drive out boring during the weekend.