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Best Australian TV Shows on Netflix

Many people might not know that their TV Shows that they loved are actually from Australia. As well as the actors that played in it. Moreover, people might do not taught that American’s most popular show it ripped off by some Australian television programs. Some best Australian TV Shows are starting to go worldwide and the audiences are starting to increase even more.

Australia gives a unique storyline. Some of them are refreshingly honest humor that entertains the viewers, while other stories are nail-biting dramas. Australia gives a different sensation in their show, movies, and series. Even though Australia might be far from the other part of the world, but the internet has made things easier. People from across the globe often watch it from Netflix. Furthermore, here are the lists of the best Australian TV Show on Netflix.

1. The Glitch

Glitch is a show that tells the journey of a cop in a small town in Australia named James Hayes. He had to face several people that risen from death and had perfect health. However, they had no memories. James had to investigate what is going on around. Moreover, he had to keep the world in the dark and bring the investigation into the impossible at the same time.

2. Jack Irish

Jack Irish is an ex Criminal Lawyer whom people do not want to mess with. He is a part-time debt collector who has a tragic past. Although, he is a crusader that has a mission to solve even though how hard it is. The actor is an Emmy Award Winner that the audience would even love more.

3. The Secret River

Another best Australian TV Shows that people could enjoy on Netflix is The Secret River. It is an adaption from Kate Grenville’s bestselling novel in the bloody era of Australia’s Colonial. The story was about William Thornhill that was sent to jail for a lifetime just because of a small offense. However, he had to leave earlier from it and start to witness some unpredictable things.

4. Round the Twist

Although this movie has been a Logie Award Winner for Children in the past, the remake is also enchanting. Australia has successed in bringing back again the story which has one of the best Australian TV Shows. The story has a timelessly entertaining story of 3 children with a lighthouse and magical adventures. It is suitable for the whole family to enjoy and watch,

5. Rake

Rake is about Cleaver Greene, a talented barrister who could destroy himself in many ways. People know him as a dishonest lowlife. His daily work is to defend society’s scum with dishonor and deceit. However, Rake has a great storyline with unpredictable things that people would not expect. In every episode, the audience could enjoy new stories that are related to each other.

Thanks to Netflix, people now could enjoy the best Australian TV Shows wherever they are. Prepare some sweet drinks with a box of popcorn and the whole family is ready to enjoy the show. Nevertheless, there are also other great Australian shows and movies that people could watch.

The Famous Villains in Movies That Most People Discuss

A great movie doesn’t always have to show kindness or heroes. Sometimes when it talks about a bad guy or antagonists role, it becomes more viral. No matter because of the lesson learned behind or the cast itself. Even the story about a hero, there is still a villain too. Because of their existence, the viewer could feel how adorable the hero is. In fact, this role is as favourited as the hero. Below are the famous villains in movies that actually inspire many people.

Each villain has their own uniqueness. Whether from their appearance, power, or mindset. The viewers are usually surprised by it. By knowing the background that changes them into bad-guy, we will understand why they become like that. Just like the heroes, the famous villains in movies also influence the viewer in reality. Even more, there are several people that finally follow these villains’ style. Here are the villains we are talking about:

1. Joker

Who doesn’t know Joker? The villain that attracted people’s attention with his style, attitude, mindset, and all things inside himself. Even though Batman’s enemy movie already showed for a long time ago, people are still discussing him. His movie was controversial due to the psychological effect of Joker’s past life.

2. Maleficient

Since Maleficient story turned into a movie, this villain became more famous than The Sleeping Beauty Princess. At the first launched, people probably admired the princess. But, surprisingly, when this bad witch history became a movie, Maleficient got many fans. Moreover, Angelina Jolie cast as the Maleficient. It feels like seeing the real witch in front of the eyes.

3. Venom

Everybody who loves Spiderman might hate Venom. He appeared in Spiderman 3 movie as the unique enemy because Venom is a symbiote from the outer space. The symbiote can attach to anybody, even in Spiderman itself. Anyone who is attached by it will turn into a different personality based on the Venom wants.

4. Voldemort

We assure you ever watched a Harry Potter movie series. Then, you must remember the cold blood, powerful, and slit-nosed villains named Voldemort. Some people get inspired by this cast because he was so adorable when spelling the magic without a wand. Also, his presence always followed with a strong dark atmosphere. This what makes Voldemort was famous.

5. Gollum

Gollum was famous like Voldemort due to the long movie series. You can find Gollum in The Lord of The Rings Trilogy and The Hobbit Trilogy. Don’t be fooled by his good boy face look. You might think that Gollum is innocent and nothing to blame him. But, in the movie, Gollum was changed by the power of the ring. Gollum became very dangerous than you ever thought before.

You might find another the famous villains in movies more. Because the movie won’t be perfectly complete without a two-sided character which is the good and the bad one. Also, you cannot compare the villain in the fantasy movie with the real thriller movie. It is due to a different perspective to show how a bad side is taking role for the story