best medical series of all time

The 5 Best Medical Series Of All Time, You Need To Watch Them

We all know that there are many genres of TV series. One of the most famous genres of TV series is the medical series. Not all people like it. However, it stills the ace as an interesting series. Except for entertaining, the medical series can give knowledge to us. Even we are not a doctor it is interesting to watch this genre. Let’s check the best medical series of all time.

1. Dr. Kildare/ Ben Casey (Tie)

The first medical movie is dr. Kildare or Ben Casey movie. we can say that this movie is crazily popular. It shows the hero among people, doctor. As other medical series, Dr. Kildare shows many interesting medical actions in each chapter. Besides, the actors of the series are talented.

The dr. Kildare talks about the anti-Kildare doctor. He provides a magic touch for each surgeon. Furthermore, it also talks about life or the doctors in the hospital. In addition, these series get many awards from TV. Thus, it becomes more popular.

2. Nurse Jackie

The second best medical series of all time is Nurse Jackie. This series talks about the life of a nurse. It contains personal problems, work problems, and also medical problems. Edie Falco as Jackie Payton is over worker nurse in a hospital. However, she gets some problems along the days.

Nurse Jackie has dramatic, comedic, and medical genre. Even it shows the nurse’s life, it also contains many moral values. It gets awards in 2010 as 79 nominations for various awards.

3. Nip/ Tuck

The third medical series is almost different from the previous one. The Nip / Tuck series talk about the sharp surgeon’s scalpel. Except for the medical genre, the nip/ tuck series has a thriller genre. It is a kind of insidious adventures and plastic surgeon. However, many people are interested in this series.

It wins golden global awards, 50 nominations, and 10 wins of the year. Also, the story of this series is anti-mainstream. Thus, it is able to make people curious and invite them to watch it.

4. General Hospital

In 1963, there is a popular medical series names General Hospital series.  These medical series include a complete genre of TV series. Besides, It contains murder, marriages, life problems, mistresses, and general hospital. Besides, each character has their own uniqueness.

Furthermore, the General Hospital movie provides many talented actors and actresses. This series also won the best show and 494 nominations. Besides, the actress and the actors win the best actress and actors awards. It is amazing.

5. Grey’s Anatomy

The last best medical series is grey’s anatomy. This movie shows in 2005. It talks about a wonderful and perfect doctor. She has everything like a sexy body, smart, strong, and rich. However, her popularity doesn’t occur forever. She meets some problems with popularity, breaking, and others.

The best medical series has shown in the previous paragraph. Is there a series that makes you interested in? Even the time is running, those movies stills exist and remembered by people. thus, they call the best medical series of all time.

famous singers who died young

5 Most Famous Singers Who Died Young In The World

In this world, there are many things and events that we cannot predicate before such as death, birth, and life. All humans don’t know about what will happen in their life and when they die. Nobody knows about it even they are famous people like famous singers in the world. So, who are the famous singers who died young? Here is the complete information about them.

1. Michael Jackson

The first singer who died young is Michael Jackson. Everybody will know Michael Jackson and also his song. Indeed, Michael Jackson is the king of pop songs and also the impressive entertainers in the world. Moreover, Michael Jackson is also famous for his phenomenal dance. He starts hid career start from lower until he becomes the king of pop. Unfortunately, he was died young in 50 years old. He left his legendary song and dance inside people’s hearts.

2.  Avicii

Other famous singers who died young are Avicii. Avicii is a Swedish musician who becomes a global star. The complete name of Avicii is Tim Bergling but people commonly know him as Avicii. He becomes one of the parts of the music world since 16 years old. This age is too young to start a career but he did it in a great way and become famous. He has built a shining career with many collections of beats. Unfortunately, he died at the age of 28 years old. It is very sad news for all people around the world, especially for his fans.

3. Eazy-E

The third singer who died young is Eric Wright or commonly known as Eazy-E. Eazy-E is one of the Top Rapper from California. He has a great ability and unusual ability in writing rap lyrics. However, we also write many interesting lyrics. Therefore, people are usually calling him a genius lyrically. Unfortunately, his life is not as shining as his career. He died at the age of 30 years old caused by a deathly disease that is AIDS.

4. John Lennon

Do you ever hear about the legendary band names The Beatles? Yes, if you ever heard about it, you might also ever hear about John Lennon. John Lennon is one of the members of the Beatles. He has written many kinds of songs, including the ‘instant karma’, ‘Oh Yoko’, and also ‘Happy Xmas’ song. By those abilities and songs, he has many fans around the world. Unfortunately, he died at 40 years old by gun. He was gunned by one of his brutal fans which are overzealous.

5. Sid Vicious

Sid Vicious has the real name, Simon Ritchie. He is one of the rockers who always provides many interesting rock songs. Indeed, we are also famous by his band under the name vicious’ band or Sex Pistols. It can be said that he is the most famous person in his band which is playing both guitar and sing. Therefore, we can say that he is a very talented person and rocker. However, he was died at 21 years old in 1979 because of an overdose of drugs.

However, we don’t know what will happen to our life in the future. Although we don’t know anything about something in the future, we must keep growing and give the best effort or our life. We may take the learning from those famous singers who died young and life better.

longest animated series in the world

Longest Animated Series In The World That Aired On TV

Watching tv is one of the ways to entertain ourselves when we are at home. There are many entertainments that we can watch from news, sports to animated series. Well, for some people watching animated series is sure one of the most favorite ones. Because the show is simple and funny most of the time. Many of them have become a favorite for many people until they became the longest animated series in the world.

These animated series have been airing for quite long accompanying people grow from they were small until teenagers. Some become very popular not only in their country but also in the world. Even though most of these shows do not air anymore, they are very entertaining. And they have entertained viewers for quite a long time. So, here is the list of the longest animated series in the world that have been and still popular:

1. The Simpsons

There is no certain flow of the story from one episode to another. Because every episode they show and discuss different things. However, some of their words are a bit wild, so the series is rated PG. The show aired for 30 seasons or around 647 episodes and is still airing until today. The funny part about this series is that all the characters never get old.

2. Bugs Bunny

If you lived at the end of the ’90s and beginning of 2000, you will sure know Bugs Bunny. This animated show entertained many kids in the time and made some laughs. Bugs bunny was a bunny that had many ideas and didn’t give up easily. However, many times his idea was not the best and caused problems. But this is Bugs Bunny, so he will keep on trying. This animated series went on for 40 seasons producing 1040-episode total, so it is quite long. This is one of the longest animated series in the world that was a favorite.

3. Sazae-San

Japan is famous for its animated series that airs almost every weekend at certain times. One of their longest animated series that enters Guinness World Records is Sazae-San. This series shows and shares the life of Sazae-San and her family in their daily life. The show shows stories of her friends and her activities at school. Overall, the show is simple but entertaining for a Sunday morning. The anime aired since 1969 and has produced 2,250 episodes.

4. Doraemon

Another famous series from Japan that has aired for quite a long time is Doraemon. Doraemon is a robot cat that provides many kinds of things such as time machine, magnifying devices and many more. The cat lives with Nobita who is human, but a careless person. Therefore, Doraemon is always there to help and give lessons to him. This animated series has also been airing for a very long time and now has more than thousands of episodes.

5. Chibi Maruko Chan

If you are looking for a sweet animated series, you can watch Chibi Maruko Chan. This is also a Japanese series about a girl whose name is the same as the title of the series. The series shows how she spends her daily life with her family and friends at school. Until today the show is still airing and is already in their 1200 episodes. So, the number of episodes may increase because it is still going on.

So, these are some of the best and longest animated series in the world you may want to watch. They are all entertaining, but some series needs a parental guide. So, if you have kids make sure you accompany them while watching these shows.

best movie review sites

Here Are the Top 5 Best Movie Review Sites, Choose Your Favorite!

When we want to watch a movie we want to get more information about it, right? It will help us to choose what movie we want to watch. After knowing the review of that movie also help us to have a curiosity about that. So, it will be more interesting in the cinema. As you know there are lots of the best movie review sites that you can try. From these sites, you will possible to find lots of information about the movie review. You will also know the movie rating from other people.

There are lots of people who have annoying experience when want to get movie review. Lots of them hard to find a real review of the movie on the website. As you know there are many websites who provide movie reviews. But not all of them don’t meet you want. So, here are the top 5 movie review sites that can be used.

1. Rotten Tomatoes

Have you ever heard about this site? There are lots of movie lovers use this site to get a review when want to watch a movie. From this website, you will find lots of professional movie critics in the regional and national scope. They give their best review of the movie here. You can also find the classification of “rotten” and “fresh” movie. So, it is very interesting, right?


The other amazing movie review site is IMDB. You also will find lots of movie critics here. It will make you possible to get lots of information regarding a movie. This site also provides the movie rating. Not only a movie expert, but you also can rate your watched movie. After watching the movie, you can give a rate on a 1-10 scale. So, have you tried these best movie review sites before?

3. Flixster

Not only get a movie review, but you also will get theater showtimes. This is one of the amazing movie review sites that you can try. You will find lots of information from this site. If you want a DVD release too, you will possibly find it here. This information was collected by the users. Therefore, you also can give your movie review on this site. As you know that this site also can be accessed by a mobile application.


It is a little bit similar to the rotten tomatoes site. You can also find movie categorize from here. But, this site just categorizes in a “good” and “bad” movie. If you want to get graphics from the movie rating, you can find here. This site provides the graphic of the movie rate. It will make you possible to know easier about this movie rate.

5. Yahoo! Movie

This is the one feature of Yahoo that really useful. Yahoo! Movie will also provide you a DVD release, and theater showtime. You also will possible to find lots of movie reviews from the users and movie critics. Have you tried this movie review site?

There are lots of the movie review site, but only some of them which are the best site. After reading these best movie review sites, will make you possible to find lots of great information regarding the movie. In conclusion, you also have to watch the movie trailer before watch the full movie. It will make you feel curious right?

famous singer auditions for american idol

Famous Singer Auditions For American Idol And Were Rejected

Everyone has their ways and stories on how to become a success and on what they have achieved. Many people can see top artists and singers now with great wealth and live such a perfect life. However, what people do not know is the struggle and fight they have been through to achieve where they are now. Even some of the sop singers now audition for a singing competition and never made it until the end. One of the singing competition that did this to many top singers is American Idol. Many famous singer auditions for American Idol and they got rejected badly from the beginning. 

famous singer auditions for american idol

This shows that being successful isn’t always easy and will need a process. Even though these singers didn’t make it until the judges on American Idol they didn’t stop there. They made a change, made songs that can make them big even after failing. So, who are the famous singer auditions for American Idol that didn’t even see Simon and his friends?

1. Hillary Scott

The frontwoman of Lady Antebellum tried to audition for American Idol not once but twice and never made it. She never got the chance to meet the judges because she was rejected by the preliminary rounds. However, she did not know what she did wrong, so she kept on trying to and improving. She then succeeds in making it be the frontwoman of Lady Antebellum and five Grammy awards. The awards were not only for her band but also for the songs that she has made. 

2. Colbie Caillat

This top singer also tried the audition twice and failed twice without seeing the judges at all. On her second audition, she even tried bringing her song Bubbly which has been a big hit. Even though she didn’t make it to the next step, she was still happy with her history. Because after her failure in American Idol, the singer became big on her own and Bubbly was singing by many people for the audition. 

3. Tori Kelly

Not like the two singers above, Tori Kelly made the audition of American Idol until the top 24 rounds. However, she didn’t make it further and had to fight on her own after getting rejected by the judges. After her journey in American Idol, the singer became active on YouTube and became famous. She is now a very talented singer who works together with Ed Sheeran and Sam Smith. 

4. Alex and Sierra

This couple tried the audition for American Idol separately, but both never made it to the end. Alex made it a bit far until Hollywood, whereas his girlfriend only until the producers. They then tried their luck in The X Factor where they became a duo and won the competition. Since then they became a singer and is now on tour for their newest album. 

5. Amber Riley

One of the famous singer auditions for American Idol is Amber Riley when she was 17 years old. At that time she was very young but also talented when she joined the audition. Therefore, even after the show she auditions for The Fox and made it till the end. 

So, these singers have shown that even after failing they made it on top again. These famous singer auditions for American Idol and some even didn’t meet the judges. So, not winning the competition made them famous and successful as they are today. 

Online Casino Operations

As opposed to the experience that one may get while playing at an online gambling club, every one of the data sources required to run the online club are not created in-house. Some are authorized from sellers and some are re-appropriated. In any case, PC innovation can interface these together in a consistent way with the goal that it feels like one inner activity.

The most significant outer information is the gaming programming. Creating gaming programming is so asset situated that it isn’t practical to create it for only one online gambling club or a gathering of scarcely any online gambling clubs. In this manner web based gaming programming is created by generally less associations who at that point permit use rights to countless online gambling clubs. A portion of the top level internet gaming programming designers are Microgaming. Wizard Gaming, Cryptologic, Playtech and Real Time Gaming. An online gambling club work that is regularly redistributed is installment handling. Online gambling clubs delegate experienced specialists in this field to deal with the budgetary exchanges so they can focus on dealing with the activities. The capacities that club administrators handle in-house are making limited time plans, checking steadfastness rewards, giving client care and taking into account VIP customers. A portion of the elements of slot online club activities are being clarified underneath.

Gambling club Manager: The Casino Manager bears the general duty of running the activities. He would fundamentally be guaranteeing that the staff is completing their undertakings as wanted and investigating when and where required. He would interface with the outer information suppliers to report glitches or generally co-ordinate with them. He would watch out for the traffic and the assortments in order to recognize the patterns.

Devotion Rewards and VIP Reps: As in land club it is the hot shots, who are less in number, that give the vast majority of the income to the online gambling club. These hot shots expect and merit uncommon treatment and the online gambling clubs assign unique individuals for this undertaking. They are the VIP reps. Celebrity Reps screen the Loyalty Rewards to evaluate who are the VIP players and afterward offer them customized administration by being in contact with the VIP customers while they are on the web.

Client assistance Staff: The Customer Support Staff are the human interface between the gambling club and the players. Any inquiry that the players have is sent to the client care faculty and it is their duty to determine this question at the earliest opportunity. The Customer Support Staff can be reached through phone, email or live talk. The staff is profoundly prepared in managing any issue that may emerge in a fast, gracious and proficient way.

Programming Provider: The product gives the product that runs the gambling club. At the center of the product are the games that are reproduced utilizing an irregular number generator. Anyway the product goes a long ways past the games. It contains the instruments and capacities required to deal with the whole activities. These incorporate enlistment, budgetary exchanges, client service and the board of rewards advertised.

Subsidiary Program and Affiliate Managers: The Affiliate Program is instrumental in directing people to the online club. The offshoots promote the online gambling club and give connects to it. They get paid for this on a concurred equation. The individuals who mange the program are known as Affiliate Managers. Their capacity is to get more members ready, guarantee that the subsidiaries are working proficiently and are getting paid as required.

best movies to watch during pregnancy

Entertaining Best Movies To Watch During Pregnancy

For women, going through pregnancy time is one of the best moments. It is because women could spend much time relaxing since women are needed to rest a lot. One of the activities that women could do is watch some movies. However, women could get a little bit sensitive if they are pregnant. That is why it is important to choose the right best movies to watch during pregnancy. 

best movies to watch during pregnancy

When women are pregnant, it is important to keep their mood as good as possible. That is why women need to always be a good condition. One of the activities that women could do to remain keeping happy is to watch a movie. Rather than watching a pregnancy movie, it is better to watch movies that are entertaining. To know more about the best movies to watch during pregnancy, here are the movie lists.

1. Despicable Me

The minions are also entertaining for every occasion. The movie about evil VS good would always be in all of the Despicable Me movies. However, the movie does not give a sensitive mood to the audience. Instead, they would get into a great mood by watching this movie. Besides for pregnant women, this movie is also suitable for all kids ages. For those who have a little kid, could watch the movie together.

2. The Sound of Music

One of the best movies to watch during pregnancy is The Sound of Music. This is a classic movie that is timeless and humble. The story suits well for bringing joy to a pregnant woman. Besides the lovely romantic story, it also contains family and parenting too. Moreover, the audience could sing along during musical moments in the movie.

3. The Little Rascals

The next movie to watch is the little rascals. Even though the front of the movie tells about some little naughty kids, but it has a great ending. The cute characters of the movie would entertain pregnant women. Moreover, the story is interesting but light to watch and understand. There are two versions of the movie in which people could watch both.

4. Legally Blonde

Movies about female empower are also the best movies to watch during pregnancy. Not only it is entertaining but it also gives power. Pregnant women do need powers to strengthen them up. Legally blond is a perfect movie to watch because it is sweet, funny and also has powerful messages in it. Moreover, the movie could also motivate women who watch this movie, in a delightful way.

5. The School of Rock

Another enjoyable movie that pregnant women could watch is The School of Rock. With the actor Jack Black, the movie has no doubt of laughs and happiness. With the presence of his students and music, the movie is a perfect combination of it. Furthermore, the rock and roll music in the movie is different than the usual ones. Even pregnant women and their babies could enjoy the beats.

These best movies to watch during pregnancy are not only entertaining but also relaxing to watch. Pregnant women should watch movies that are light and entertaining. Make sure not to watch a movie that would make the women cry, get upset or even get angry.

Ridiculous Things Celebrities Spend Money On

Ridiculous Things Celebrities Spend Money On You Will Never Understand

Sometimes we don’t understand what rich people do. They spend money on whatever they like even though it seems non-sense. Yes, there are lots of stars out there who do crazy things with their money. Thus, if you are curious about them, then we have listed the ridiculous things celebrities spend money on below. However, their life story is always interesting to follow.

Ridiculous Things Celebrities Spend Money On

You might think that they spend money on buying cars, cottage, or even islands. Well, that is just so normal for every rich people. The ridiculous things celebrities spend money on here are out of your mind. You don’t even know that thing exists or in other words, you don’t get the reason why they spend on it. See what the celebrities have done with their money for an irrational cost below:

1. Ghost Detector – Lady Gaga

What do you do if you feel scared of a ghost? You probably only sit at the corner and pray to God. But, that doesn’t happen on Lady Gaga. She spent $50,000 for the ghost detector, also she hired the ghost hunters of ultratumba. This story was published by Daily Star. Lady Gaga explained that she was chased by a ghost, named Ryan, so she did this thing.

2. Dog House – Paris Hilton

There is no one can beat Paris Hilton’s love for her dogs. She spent $325,000 to make a mansion for them. The house was full of facilities, such as air conditioning, heating, even furniture made by famous designers. Importantly, anything that makes the dogs comfortable was set there. Do you wish to be one of her dogs too?

3. A Mattress – Daniel Radcliffe

Do you want to sleep like an angel? Then, buy a mattress in $17,000 like Daniel Radcliffe. He invested his money in his mattress to get a quality of sleep. It was a custom-made only for him, so the mattress was so costly. E! Online reported this and noted as one of the ridiculous things celebrities spend money on.

4. Golden Toilets – Kim Kardashian

Who doesn’t know the rich and famous family “The Kardashian”? As one of the members, Kim spent her money to have the golden toilets. It was valued at more than $750,000. Kim with her husband, Kanye, always do whatever they like. Just like the golden toilets, they have four of them inside their mansion. Within’ the Louis XIV gold, you cannot imagine how bright the toilet is.

5. A Humidifier – Celine Dion

Relaxation is an important thing to have. One of the ways is by having a humidifier inside the room. But, can you imagine if its cost is 2 million dollars? Celine Dion was the one who spent money on it. She bought a humidifier due to the dry air in Las Vegas while she was on her tour. Maybe she needed it for her respiratory. However, should it be that expensive to buy?

Above all, only rich people who understand why they don’t mind spending money on things. Probably it is really necessary, or, for their self-satisfaction only. However, there are also lots of rich stars who live humble with their money. Thus, you won’t find them in the “ridiculous things celebrities spend money on” list like the above.

Best movies based from video games

Here Are Some Best Movies Based from Video Games You Can Enjoy

This day, the film industries have reached the highest position than ever before. The development of technology makes all things get better especially in illustrations and effects. Similarly, when we watched the newest film, all the effects felt real. Usually, some books or real life will be an inspiration for the director to make some movies. But, there are also available some best movies based from video games.

Best Movies Based from Video Games

Movies based on video games usually get a bad comment from the critics. They said it has no clear storyline or sometimes gets too noisy. I agree with that statement because I also think the movies sometimes get nonsensical. But you don’t need to be a worry again to watch them. In this article, we will write down some of the best movies based from video games.

1. The Angry Birds Movie 2

There are many people have played Angry Birds on android or PC and make it a popular game. Because of its popularity, Columbia Picture then adapts it into movies with different storylines from the game. You will never feel boring because it was such a great film with some humor scene. This movie will be perfect for family to gather because both parents or children can enjoy it.

2. Pokemon: Detective Pikachu

Pokemon is one of the famous anime and game series in this world. That’s why Warner Bross tries to adapt it to a movie and it reaches big success. However, this movie has a storyline where Pikachu tries to solving the mistery on Tim’s father’s died. Above all, this film has great animation and every Pokemons look so real. An adorable Pikachu will bother you until the end of this film.

3. Rampage

This movie is getting inspired by the old arcade game in 1986, Rampage. However, the main character in this movie is the most popular artist, “The Rock” Dwayne Johnson. He tries to save the entire city from the giant mutant animals who try to destroy everything. Even this film has a lot of critic because of many impossible things, but it is still worth to watch. Our legend, “The Rock” has an amazing charisma and it makes this movie is great.

4. Mortal Kombat

This movie was released in 1995, quite old if we count until this day. This is one of the best action movies with a lot of fight scenes. At first, this game was released only for fanservice, but unexpected reach great enthusiasm. I will prohibit you from not to watch with underage kids because there available many violent scenes.

5. The Angry Birds Movie

This is the first film that adapts from the famous game, Angry Bird. Released in 2016 as the first movie, The Angry Birds Movie success gets a lot of viewers. You will see the cute birds fight the pigs and protect their eggs. However, the movie will get far from the game so don’t expect anything. It will make you happy with a lot of funny scenes.

This is the end of the article and these are some best movies based from video games. You can enjoy all of those movies because it’s so great for me. I wish you have the same taste as me so we can share another movie again. Those movies will help you drive out boring during the weekend.

The List of Famous Kids Movies in The World

Children’s behavior always invites a lot of attention from the audience. Besides being cute, adorable, not boring and can be very entertaining. For example children’s films, animated films. But all types of films intended for children must have a moral message in them. The following is a famous kids movies.

1 Home Alone

Home Alone (1990) tells the story of Kevin, a child who feels he doesn’t need his siblings who make his house always noisy. He had hoped his family to disappear for a few days and this wish came true because he was left behind when his family went to Paris.

When he wanted to enjoy the silence in the house alone, a new problem arose because two robbers tried to enter his house. Because Kevin is a smart kid, he set various traps that can make them both fail to rob.

This inspiring film is a must-watch. Because it makes you love your family more.

2 Zathura : A Space Adventure

Zathura: A Space Adventure (2005) is a western movie of children who follows space travel by two children. The Namely Walter and Danny who are relate by relatives but don’t get along with each other.

When their brother and father were still asleep, they decided to play an old board game called Zathura in his house. Each instruction card turned out to have a big impact on their lives.

Starting from their sister who was frozen in a sleeping position. They work together to complete this game so they can return to earth and live a normal life again.

3 Up

Up which has been released since 2009 is also the best Disney cartoon. By inviting the baby to watch this film, Mother can teach him that if you have the determination and try really, then all dreams that seem impossible can be realized.

Told a grandfather named Carl Fredickson lived alone because his wife named Ellie had died. Fredickson and his wife use to be little friends and idolize an explorer named Charles Muntz. Their dream is to visit Paradise Falls, the place where his idol is.

One day Russel a scout boy visit Fredickson’s trouble home wanting to move to a nursing home. Who would have thought if the incident took him on an adventure together to Paradise Falls, the place where Fredickson’s dream with his wife.

4 Frozen

Tells about Elsa and Anna, daughters of the kingdom of Arandelle. Little Elsa turned out to have magical power can change anything she touched turned into ice. After harming Anna, the younger sister, because of her superhuman strength, Elsa did not want to meet anyone other than her parents.

Real-life only began when their parents died at sea and Elsa had to take over the kingdom. Because she was the oldest daughter. Until one day there was a misunderstanding between Elsa and Anna. That made Elsa choose to leave the kingdom and isolate herself.

Anna intends to find Elsa to send her back and on her way to meet Kristoff, that’s where the adventure begins. The moral value that can be taken from this film is to teach children to continue to support and love our siblings.

Whatever the problem, at least he must be open. And do not hesitate to ask for help when in need of help.

Those are some famous kids movies that can be recommendations to watch. In the activity of watching the film also needs the assistance of parents. Because in every film there is a moral message that must be explained directly by parents.